FAQ - Coverall Home Maintenance

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Give us a call to get a free, no-obligation consultation. We are always here to answer any questions you may have and assist you in choosing the perfect Home Maintenance Plan.

In the meantime, check out some of our most frequently asked questions to help you decide if Coverall Home Maintenance is right for you.

Currently, Coverall Home Maintenance serves the Wasatch Front (from Ogden to Provo) and St. George in the state of Utah. If you aren’t sure if we service your area, please call us and we will let you know!

We plan to rapidly increase our service area soon, so check back in frequently to see when Coverall Home Maintenance arrives in your neighborhood.

We work hard to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction! We also take liability seriously; our company is insured and we require all of our contractors to be insured too. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, we will work to make it right ASAP.

Qualified and insured local handyman who have been verified by Coverall Homecare. We will only ever refer you to a tried-and-tested contractor with a history of top-notch service.

Yes! We can help you avoid the high costs of a Property Manager and provide all necessary home maintenance needs. For more details, check out our Landlords page.

Yes! You can cancel your monthly or yearly plan at any time, and we are happy to reimburse you if you have paid in advance. However, should you wish to become a member again within 24 months of your cancellation, we do charge a small reactivation fee. Some early charges may apply as well if you cancel within two months of your next visit.

Our plans are very affordable and are based on the square footage of your home. For more details, please visit our Pricing page.

Yes! We are happy to set you up with a discounted visit from one of the service providers in our Trusted Contractor Network. Call us and we will assist you in finding a cost-effective solution.

Coverall Home Maintenance includes complementary parts in the cost of your Home Maintenance Plan, as well as complementary cleaning agents, lubricants and other consumables. If your home requires any specialty parts or supplies, we will invoice you for the cost. Please let us know if you need specific parts and we can bring them to your visit!

Yes! All services scheduled through our Trusted Contractor Network are provided at a special discounted rate, available only to Coverall Home Maintenance members.

Coverall Home Maintenance strives to meet all home maintenance needs of its members. If you are a member, please contact us and we will determine if we have a trustworthy referral. Every contractor in our network is carefully vetted and examined before recommending to any client, so you always can expect the best and receive extraordinary service.

Yes! As long as Coverall Home Maintenance has the legal owner’s permission and instructions on how our technician can access the inside of your property.

Yes! Our founder, Connor Malmberg, started Coverall Home Maintenance because of his struggle with maintaining the lifelong home of his aging grandparents. Our Home Maintenance Plans and Trusted Contractor Network are designed to help your senior or disabled loved ones stay comfortably in their home.

Yes! Many of our clients who require specialty parts for their home maintenance order them in advance of our visit, and we are more than happy to install them.

Once you are signed up for one of our Home Maintenance Plans, you can schedule an appointment by calling our offices. We will also text or call and remind you when you are due for your services.

We provide a variety of inspections and repairs, including

  • Change refrigerator water filter
  • Clean the A/C condenser coil
  • Clean the refrigerator condenser coil
  • Clean/change furnace filter
  • Clear minor clogs in drains
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Faucet check/clean aerator as needed
  • Flush sediment from water heater (done annually)
  • Garage door lube
  • Home exterior check
  • Home interior check
  • Inspect attic for rodent or water damage
  • Inspect toilet valves for leaks (repair as needed)
  • Install carbon monoxide detector (if necessary)
  • Install fire extinguisher (if necessary)
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Refill water softener salt
  • Sanitize clothes washer with cleaning agent
  • Sanitize dishwasher with cleaning agent
  • Test carbon monoxide detector/ change batteries
  • Test smoke detector/change batteries
  • Under sink plumbing check (minor repair as necessary)

Read more about it on our Services page.

No. While we perform inspection checks to the exterior of your home, we don’t provide lawn care or maintenance services. However, we can schedule these services for you separately at a discounted rate through our Trusted Contractor Network.

If your questions have not been answered, please contact us at 801-937-4554 or email us at info@coverallhomemaintenance.com